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​We help define, focus and orchestrate a unique, recognizable and memorable image, and help you maintain it.

From high-tech to low-tech, Uppercase Design has a wealth of experience creating logos, corporate identity, catalogs, brochures, signage, packaging, tradeshow graphics and advertising. We enjoy working with startups and established corporations, from data storage to coffee & bagels, we create winning marketing collateral.

Our design process

We create and manage corporate image, branding and marketing communications.

You have a good story. Allow us to tell it.

Please contact Justin Deister - owner & designer


Analyze and problem solve marketing objectives
Develop concepts from marketing directives
Create meaningful and effective solutions
Design professional marketing materials
Express mission, purpose and information
Communicate ideas, style, personality
Build image, product and service brands
Enhance reputation and consumer awareness
Accomplish change, growth and presence
Increase market share and bottom line

Corporate Identity

We research and learn about our clients history, mission and customers. Only then do we begin to translate message into informative and attractive visual form - each project deserving its own solution, color, graphics, tone and personality.

Creating connections...

Discuss mission, purpose, objectives,
company history, product, service, goals.
What makes your product or service unique?
Target market? Who will you appeal to?
Features, benefits of your product or service?
Create criteria to guide and evaluate design
Develop ideas, concepts, sketches
Review to evaluate and select design
Refine focus, adjust, revise
Approve the finishing touches and approval

Logo Design

What we do for you

Marketing Communications

Each need to communicate deserves its own solution and expression toward accomplishing your goals.

Brand development

- A broad term essentially describing
what ​you're all about - your story.

How are you perceived?

How would you like to be perceived?

How would you like to communicate your story?

How would you like to attract business & loyalty?

We work solutions from the inside, analyzing data, target audience, information, message and method. 

Telling your story

Corporate identity

Brand image development

Marketing communications design


We are your key resource, long-term partner and advocate for your success.

Not everyone is comfortable with new things, new clothes, new haircut... new marketing materials. The inherent subjectivity in the design process may tempt some to inject personal taste, their favorite yellow-green color or their love of triangles.

Know thyself, but acknowledge that your customer is your target. Be open to all ideas.

Stay calm, it will be alright.

We will be with you.    :)

Telling your story