“The Magic of Love”
18″w x 9’h x 1’d
Steel, wood, foam, fiberglass, paint

It may be a bit sappy but the truth is everybody must look for the one who has the magic to unlock our heart, even when it appears impossible. But love can do what seems impossible.

It may be a bit difficult to see here, but the whole idea is that the key on the chain is the means to unlocking the heart but it simply won’t reach – it’s seems impossible. But what is impossible with love? Wow, this is sappy. But sometimes love can be that way and we have to live with it, damn it!    -to be spoken as if you were Marshall Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke. He’s manly enough to say it, and he means it!

Parker, CO             2013

Longmont, CO        2014     

The sketches seemed encouraging so I did a study model. I used an air-dry clay that 

cracked into a thousand pieces. After sticking it all back together with glue and paint, It’s still hanging in there.

     The finished piece suggests that like the story of the sword in the stone that could only be pulled free by someone good and noble, so too, only the right person can turn the key that unlock one's heart. In this case, the key is fastened to the tree by a chain too short to reach and only the magic of love enables us to do the impossible.

Massively good show dude!

This slightly coo-coo nymph of the woods or whatever she is, played an inspiring role somehow simply by suggesting a love story, and by having a vintage photo strangeness that brought out the softer side. But what on earth is she looking at?