I love clouds and always imagined touching one. The idea here was to “freeze” one and bring it near and up close to examine its art and form and fleeting shape, to sense its ever-changing spirit.

“On the Horizon”   

4’h  x  3’w x 14”d
Steel, foam, plex, wood, fiberglass, paint

The inspiration for "On the Horizon" comes from the clouds I see in the distance when I'm crossing eastern Colorado and across Kansas.

The clouds seems fixed to the horizon, hazey and pale, their undersides nearly indistinguishable from the light blue sky.
     I love these clouds and identify them with the west, western movies and vacation trips, and as we all know the West is Best.

     The clear plex support suggests rain and at night is illuminated from below.

​- Evergreen, CO         2016

- Castle Rock, CO       2017

- Salina, KS                  2018

       Now floating peacefully at St Mary's Gradeschool in Salina, soon to be placed in the school flower and vegetable garden.