​​"On Earth As
In the Heavens"

5’w x 6’h x 12″d
Metal, wood, foam, fiberglass, paint

This piece is the second in a creation series of similar structures that have to do with human origins. This one addresses questions of who we are and how we got here and the very material we are made of.
It evokes a comparison to similar forms of primitive monuments erected to honor our creator and attempt to understand our beginnings. 

Inspiration is drawn from massive stone monuments of pre-history, when human beings felt compelled to raise strange structures that reach skyward, perhaps in an attempt to touch the heavens and be apart of the universe they could only witness and wonder about.

This construction is the second in my series on this subject that fascinates me partly because even today we feel compelled to reach out in similar fashion, to discover and identify with what is greater than ourselves. We want to know more about our world so we can better know ourselves and to this end we have been given a gift of a hint of what is out there. I’ve chosen to think of this gift visually, as a bit of what’s out there falling to earth, in the shape of a wedge. We could say star dust or cosmic good or I prefer to say God our creator, blesses us with what makes us human - mind, body and soul in his image and likeness. If we choose to accept this gift, it embeds in our hearts and we become a bit more like our creator.

Salina, KS      2015-2016