65 pound weakling

Gardeners at Giverny claim that a shiny giant hand tool spent the day with Claude Monet discussing the play of light and shadow while swimming among an assortment of lily pads. While voices were raised over whether undertones should be painted with cadmium red or crimson red, there was solid agreement that yellow ochre tasted pretty bad and that paint thinner was bad for the environment but had to be used anyway, especially for spring flowers.

Even after breaking off a relationship to a giant sea creature who seriously misunderstood his good intentions, Mr Toolman struggles to make a clean break of it. Having arrived safely in France and while not knowing why, he is in Giverny, secretly waiting for Godot.

With daughter Emily at

Lincoln Plaza, Greeley, CO

Confused and disoriented and aware of his new nature, Mr Toolman staggered away from his studio on his fresh legs and went missing.

     A school of fish sighted him at a depth of 20,000 leagues off the east coast of Florida, heading further east into international waters. Conflicting reports indicate that he is currently either under attack by a giant squid or being lured by mermaids into a life insurance scam. Still others suggest that he is intent on making 

his way ​across the Atlantic.

Thought to be making his way home to his installation site in Colorado Springs, 8’ tall sculpture, "Mr Toolman", was somehow ship wrecked and washed ashore on a tiny island and was immediately staked to the ground by hundreds of its frightened tiny inhabitants.
     Intense negotiations failed to sway the little people to release him until the mayor of the nearby seaside vacation community cited municipal code sections C-113 and D216-b which clearly state that all large creatures washed ashore named Gulliver are welcome. Mr Toolman proclaimed that he was indeed Gulliver, and that he was traveling and merely had a run in with a crazy white whale and meant no disrespect by not having an invitation. All was well until he asked for suntan lotion, nachos and a hammock. He was given a medal and politely asked to leave and is again headed for his new home.

     "Ahhh", I thought, safely on our way. Justin flew out to give me a ride rather than risk any more delays to installation.

     "It’s a long flight but the chances of anything going wrong are so slight that he's taking a nap." All my excitement and misadventures are over now."
     Upon arriving back in America, a little known coastal band of hostiles mistook him for the first of another race of invaders, but surrendered him for a replica made of solid gold and an aircraft carrier… and now all is good and nothing could go wrong...

Besides the F-18s that were scrambled on a false alert of alien invasion (and the misunderstanding about the missiles), there were no more problems with his arrival at his first installation site in Colorado Springs.

     "I had my fun with giant squids, waiting for strangers to happen by, swimming with Monet, appearing in musicals, meeting hundreds of tiny people and stunt flying. It’s somehow strangely peaceful to now be bolted to a sidewalk and I know I’m making Justin happy. I’ll be here. Come by and walk with me."

“Look away. I'm hideous!”

Critics are raving about Mr Toolman’s supporting role in Mary Poppins on the London stage! While finding the mix of two and three dimensions more than a little confusing, he was immediately picked for the role of “man walking in the background” from a number of applicants when he accidentally strolled through the theater looking for a drink of water. He is currently considering other roles offered to him as a result of the demands of his growing fan base. It is rumored that he will be a ripple of water in an upcoming performance of Swan Lake. And he’s favored to get the part of the passionate Lawrence of Arabia in the stage version of “Lawrence of Arabia”! Then it’s on to play the little black gal in Gone With the Wind, although he’s having trouble with his line, “…oh miss, I don’t know what I was thinkin’, I don’t know nothing about birthing no babies!”

“I am aliiiiivvvve!”

The Story of Mr Toolman

“Mr Toolman”
6’w x 8’h x 18″d
Steel, foam, fiberglass, paint

I was inspired to create Mr Toolman when I came across some old anatomy books in a castle in Germa… no, not exactly. My wife discovered an interesting old tool in an antique store and we both thought it looked like a little walking man. 
I fashioned Mr Toolman from a welded frame of tube steel and 23 cans of construction foam, 18 cans of fiberglass and skinned in silver paint. Now I like to image that he's a large English gentleman out for a stroll. What do you think?

- Colorado Springs           2012
- Greeley, CO                   2013
- Lafayette, CO                 2014
- Evergreen, CO               2015

- Northglenn, CO              2016

- Longmont, CO               2017

- Castle Rock, CO            2018