​​Honor a special someone you love and admire.
Preserve family keepsakes and memorabilia.
Display someone’s career, sport, hobby or show off
​a family history.

Commission a display of your memories in art!
Is your special someone a lawyer? A fisherman? A dentist? Did he love baseball? Was your mom a cook, a teacher or simply the best mom ever?

Does your family have interesting artifacts that could be on display? Family heirlooms, a cherished watch, a silver spoon set, pearls, jewelry.
Do you have a favorite photo, wedding dress lace, mom’s glasses and other items sitting in drawers and boxes?

How do you commission me to preserve memories in art?
First we meet to plan an individual or a family theme.
We talk about personality, history, events, travels, memorabilia and keepsakes.
We decide on size and shape, backgrounds, color, content and arrangement.

Create memory art
​and pass it on!
Call or email Justin Deister at:
Prices from $300

Here are some examples to help you get started!