"I enjoy tapping into our shared life experience, generating new relationships with objects, images and memories of our lives.
The fun begins when I bring elements together and from their shared space, form and interaction, they begin to tell a new story with new meaning and opportunities for the viewer to complete it from their own life experience."

Fine Art

In grad school, I learned the importance of engaging the viewer to make critical connections within our shared, common cultural experience, making it possible to bring disparate ideas together in meaningful ways. I hint at familiarity and suggest a theme and make it possible to tie elements together, but I allow origins to remain clouded, paths nonlinear and incomplete. Mystery is more fun, and in the ambiguous and subjective, there is meaningful self-discovery. The viewer stitches together their own story, participating in the creative process via their own relationships to objects I bring together. There is no right or wrong, only one’s personal response.
     I find inspiration in the veins of a leaf, the workings of a bank vault clock and literary works of Victor Hugo.
​I appreciate the elegance of Brancusi, the raw spiritual power of Rodin, the reductive form of Modigliani, and the decorative fun of Steampunk.
     I believe we give glory to the one who made us by searching for meaning and purpose. As an artist, I become a kind of co-creator and share its purpose - to express, create relationships, bridge culture, time and distance and generate meaningful connections.
    If we can pause during our busy day, to notice the blue sky, or connect with another person, we may discover something about ourselves!

Graphic Design  (Uppercase Design tab)
As a graphic designer I provide creative services for corporate identity, brand development and marketing communications.

     My degrees and professional experience is in brand image development, corporate communications and marketing materials for business and industry, from perfume and cosmetics to high tech, digital devices, law, engineering, travel, tourism and more.
     My experience includes planning, project management and executing logo designs to annual reports, catalogs and exhibits, managing budgets, time and materials.
    I first research and learn all I can about its history, purpose, mission and message. My creative process addresses criteria and identifies roles for individuals and teams. Concepts are explored and discussed, ideas and sketches develop and reviews are scheduled. I provide the creative and collaborate with other designers, sales and marketing staff, admin. I hire and manage vendors and suppliers, coordinate production and delivery. Design is one of the greatest things we do. When we establish productive relationships and do our best, we can have a little fun too.

BFA Graphic Design – MSU
Independent Study - KC Art Institute
MFA Communication Arts & Design – VCU

Do you remember how important it was as a kid that food groups on your dinner plate not touch each other? How the green beans juice melted the jello and together threatened to contaminate the mashed potatoes? That’s where the art thing began for me–managing food migration. I also enjoyed mud, tar, gobs of glue, building forts and finding faces in the clouds.


I wanted to be an Egyptologist, or a pirate - either way, the fun was in digging stuff up. Later I was ​going to be an oceanographer, but along the way I discovered art and design.