"House of Genesis"

4.5″w x 9 ″h x 2.25″d
Found objects, bottle, foam, brass fasteners,  electronics components, paint

The beginnings of life on earth is endlessly fascinating to me. I like to reflect on the mystery of life and imagine the possibilities. This piece enshrines a particularly crazy and unlikely Frankensteinian methodology that suggests it all began with a feather in a bottle, to which pressure and electricity was applied and somehow it just happened.

This line of fractured thinking is akin to how I justified not taking out the trash - roughly, 

that it just would happen by itself.

My dad did not allow me to skate by with such flimsy musings and the attempt only resulted in twice the number of chores. He did leave me interesting electronics, wires and transistors, tubes and switches which
​got me thinking about art, and not so much about mathematics - sorry dad.