Lost Souls

     Give me your lost, worn out, used and broken, the rusty, torn and tattered tidbits, the once essential, now useless kitchen rejects, bread-less toasters, tarnished serving dishes, burned out electronics. I enjoy giving them life again as my “Lost Souls”. 
     Renewed in purpose and substance, my “Lost Souls” tell new stories and may even whisper to you in a quiet moment. I will not tell you exactly what. I will only hint and suggest. You will complete their new story. If you listen, they will speak. 
     A Lost Soul may be a collection of springs, a waffle iron and an animal bone, or an electric motor perched on a candle holder. My challenge is joining and fastening these bits and pieces that were never meant to be in the same room. I employ every kind of glue, bolt, brace and bracket and weld to bring them together.
     I love the form and function of our created world of objects. We have no use for old electronics, broken cameras, toasters and teapots. I enjoy 

repurposing them, allowing them to tell a new story. Each item has an origin, a bit of history and something to say. I listen carefully and then develop a narrative, a good story.
     Artistic expression is a way of responding to life, one’s experience and our search for meaning and purpose. Possibly the best approach is to act upon what is in one’s heart. In this way we express our most authentic self. 
     Most importantly, let my art reveal something to you when the time is right. Don’t rush to understand, label or explain it. Without words, allow emotions to mingle with assumptions and you will make connections you haven’t imagined.
     When I tell you that one of my public sculptures is an eight-foot tall English gentleman out for a stroll and that he has been stranded on an island with tiny people, swam among lilies with Claude Monet, waited for Godot, starred in 2-dimensional theater, and fallen in love with a giant squid, well... it’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

                     ...Feel free to make up your own.