“Eye Love U”   

3’h  x  4’w x 12”d
Steel, foam, plex, wood, fiberglass, paint

“Eye Love U” reflects my background as a graphic designer. I love typography and encoded language and phrases and symbols that we share across our culture. This one is upbeat and personal and its place is among us, where we walk. It’s meant to be touched and gently loved. It makes itself known and appeals to our sense of familiarity. It only takes a moment to figure out and the tilt animates its message.

​- Evergreen, CO         2016

- Castle Rock, CO       2017

- Salina, KS                  2018

PROPOSED:  early sketches for "Eye Love U"

In downtown Salina, KS!

Installed its first year in Evergreen.

Installed for a year in downtown Castle Rock.