"Bone With Transistors"

3″w x 6.5″h x 2″d
Found objects:  bone, transistors

OK, ready for this? This can actually be about whatever you wish! But let me suggest an idea and you decide. 

What on earth was I thinking you ask?

Well... um, believe it or not, there is the meaning of life stuff sneaking into the picture here. For me, this is about taking the pulse on the life we've lived.

We don't live in isolation but with others. One day it's over and out and our life story is wrapped up. In the final analysis, we are a lump sum of all that we've said and done. One might ask how well did we love? Did we save anyone? Share our toys? Did our days under the sun bless others? What do we leave behind?

...uh, yeah, that makes perfect sense!