"Ancient Embrace"

18″w x 12.5″h x 3″d
Found objects:  bone, iron, heating coil, rolling pin, shell

On a sunny afternoon, my wife and I were out hiking beyond the farmer’s fence near our home in Louisville, CO. Nearing the crest of a hill we discovered in a shallow ravine, and hidden from below, a spooky scene of carnage. Before us lay a bone yard, hinting of the violence of the night, when coyotes steal away a frightened cow and run him hard into this miniature valley of death. All around were skulls and ribs and hooves, some of which will require a little more time under the summer sun before becoming entirely clean and white. 

It is fascinating how the form and character of objects we are familiar with have the potential to become more than a collection of parts. Somehow the presence of this simple bone captures and enlivens the space 

around it. These pieces simply seem to belong together and collectively suggest a spiritual presence. Perhaps an ancient tribe venerated a precious image something like this one, asking favors and blessings of spirit ancestors.