"Mr Toolman"​ 
​Has a new home in

Castle Rock!

"Remnant of

New Art On Loan


 -Coming October 2018

to Aurora!

​​​​​Art is my response to the search

for meaning and purpose: 

        to connect, bridge cultures,
​        time and distance, and to honor
​        our creator at the center of it all...

           ​the Dark Legion"

I realize this little guy is a bit "out there" but it was great fun to put him together. 

     Inspiration came from a favorite book, 
"A Canticle for Leibowitz", which tells a cyclical story of how wonderful and technologically complex societies eventually war against each other and destroy everything. Over centuries
, progress is made and rediscoveries raise the old technology, which in time enables the weapons of the powerful and dangerous. And again, all is lost -which generates an abundance of storylines
for mixed media creations!
     I call these pieces "Lost Souls" because they are reconstructed from the old, worn, broken and discarded, torn and tattered remains of what was once considered essential to possess.



 Goodson Rec Center

Showing at:

Western Stars Gallery

160 E Main St, Lyons, CO



​- Evergreen